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Cummins, a global powerhouse in the field of power technology, specialises in the design and manufacture of diesel and alternative fuel engines, generators, and their related components and technology. With such a vast domain of operations, Cummins constantly seeks ways to optimise and streamline their workflows.

A few years ago, the company made a strategic move by integrating the first iLockerz intelligent locker system. This system was geared towards automating the removal and return process of essential tools like lifting gear, ensuring there's a seamless and fully electronic audit trail of all equipment usage.



Before the introduction of the iLockerz system, Cummins faced challenges in efficiently managing its inventory of lifting gear, tools, and other essential kits. The manual process of lending and returning these items not only consumed valuable time but also lacked a comprehensive audit trail, posing a risk of misuse or loss of equipment.

Additionally, there was no quick way to identify and repair or replace damaged tools, which could inadvertently re-enter the circulation, potentially jeopardising the safety and efficiency of operations.


Cummins partnered with iLockerz to address these challenges, adopting an intelligent locker system which featured 9 large locker compartments and 8 small drawers, and boasted advanced features to allow pre-booking, comments, and fit-for-purpose capabilities. A card reader allowed easy login, while a 4G modem granted easy access to the management software.

Recognising the benefits and the leap in operational efficiency, Cummins later ordered a second, even more advanced system. This new unit replicated the original but incorporated state-of-the-art RFID technology. Lifting gear and tools such as bolts, shackles, and harnesses were equipped with Passive UHD iTagz, ensuring each item could be individually tracked as it moved in and out of the system.


The implementation of iLockerz intelligent locker systems have helped to revolutionise tool management at Cummins. The electronic audit trail has ensured accountability and reduced instances of lost or misplaced equipment. The addition of the RFID technology in the second system provided a granular level of tracking, ensuring every item's movement was logged. This not only improved inventory management but also enhanced the safety protocols by ensuring faulty tools did not make their way back into operations.

Stephen Tew, Maintenance Supervisor says: "Implementing the iLockerz intelligent locker systems has been a game-changer for our operations at Cummins. The automation, tracking, and instant alerts have transformed the way we manage our tools, ensuring we maintain the highest standards of efficiency and safety. The RFID technology, in particular, has added a layer of precision to our inventory management that we previously thought was unattainable. I can confidently say that iLockerz has streamlined our processes, allowing our team to focus on what we do best."

Ultimately, the iLockerz systems proved invaluable, optimising workflow, improving accountability, and upholding the high safety and operational standards Cummins is known for globally.

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