Facilities Management

RFiD iLockerz systems can help with the management of shared radios, keys and laptops - whilst BYOD iLockerz give your facility the ultimate short term storage and charging location for mobile devices

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Device Charging Lockers for Enhanced Visitor Experience

Facilities Management is one of the largest sectors for iLockerz as secure FM locker systems can be used by internal staff and visitors alike to store and charge valuable items within.

By implementing an intelligent radio frequency identification (RFiD) locker system you can secure all important operational equipment such as radio's, laptop's, camera's and keys in a central and easily accessible place, whilst also being able to track the usage and status of all assets as they move in and out. Not only will this ensure that equipment is never lost or stolen, but it will also save the valuable time that may currently being wasted by management when they have to sign keys and equipment in and out.

Alternatively, by implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) locker system your establishment can offer a secure location for visitors and guests to store and charge personal devices such as mobile phones within. With other customer that has led to increased footfall and time spent in focal areas whilst increasing revenue for local amenities and stores. You can even use the locker touch screen to promote your business through advertising, whilst also ensuring that visitors have enough device power to promote your facility via social media and other interactive outlets.

iLockerz may be used within your Facility to charge Mobile Phones, manage and secure Laptops, Tablets, Radios, Keys, Emergency Medical Equipment, Cameras, Important Documentation, Tools and any other equipment that is important to effective operation and increased customer satisfaction.


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How can iLockerz work for me?

iLockerz in RFiD mode can be used as a central storage location for the equipment that proves elusive and hard to manage. By simply adding an iLockerz RFiD iTag to your important equipment and placing it within one of the locker compartments you will gain automatic reports and audit trails. This will in turn increase the security of valuable equipment as only authorised team members will have access, whilst also allowing equipment loans to take place 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. Combine this with such features as overdue alerts when equipment has been out for longer than preset, and your team will be more efficient, will waste less time looking for missing equipment, and will be a more effective unit overall.

Alternatively, a simple electronic locker system can be installed in the innovative BYOD configuration to allow visitors to securely store and charge personal devices for short periods of time whilst they make the most of your facility. BYOD iLockerz have been used in FM to improve security, enhance visitor experience, increase revenue, and to remove the dangers that can be associated with users trailing charging cables across busy spaces.


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