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Introducing iLockerz' New Pay-to-Use Smart Lockers for the Academic Year 2023/2024

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

iLockerz new pay-to-use smart lockers for educational settings

iLockerz is thrilled to announce its latest innovation for the upcoming academic year: the introduction of new pay-to-use smart lockers for student use. Offering educational institutions a convenient and cost-effective way to provide state-of-the-art lockers to their students, these cutting-edge solutions include fully intelligent systems from both the iLockerzECO and DigiLockerz ranges.

One of the many advantages of these pay-to-use smart lockers is the opportunity for educational institutions to offer brand new lockers without requiring a significant capital investment. By adopting a revenue share basis, schools, colleges, and universities can provide students with modern and secure locker facilities while simultaneously generating revenue to support other educational initiatives.

In addition, parents can expect a hassle-free experience using the online ParentPay payment portal which simplifies the process of securing a locker for their child. With just a few clicks, parents can access the portal, book a locker for the academic year, and receive a unique 4-digit code that will serve as their child's access key throughout the year. This streamlined process brings peace of mind to parents, knowing that their child's belongings will be safely stored and easily accessible.

Responding to calls from educators seeking to promote efficiency, security, and convenience amongst students, iLockerz explores the features and benefits of its new pay-to-use smart lockers:

Revenue Generation: Implementing pay-to-use lockers allows educational institutions to generate additional revenue. By charging a fee for locker usage, schools can offset locker maintenance costs or invest the proceeds in educational programs or even facility improvements.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Pay-to-use lockers promote efficient resource allocation. Students who truly need locker space are more likely to utilise the service, reducing instances of lockers being reserved but left unused. This ensures that lockers are available to those who require them, minimising waste while maximising utilisation.

Enhanced Security: Smart lockers provide advanced security features such as secure access controls, surveillance cameras, and real-time monitoring. Pay-to-use lockers further enhance security by discouraging unauthorised use and promoting accountability among users.

Convenience and Flexibility: Pay-to-use lockers offer convenience and flexibility to students. They can easily rent lockers for the duration they require, whether it's for a semester, academic year, or shorter periods. This flexibility accommodates different student needs and reduces the burden of carrying heavy bags throughout the day.

Hygiene and Sanitation: iLockerz smart lockers promote hygiene and sanitation practices within educational settings. By offering individual lockers for personal item storage, it reduces the need for shared storage spaces and minimises the risk of cross-contamination. This is particularly important in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in areas where personal items are stored.

Support for Electronic Devices: iLockerz systems can be equipped with in-compartment charging facilities, including 3-pin plug, USB 3.0 or hardwired cables, as required. This enables students to safely store and recharge their electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets during the learning day, ensuring their devices are readily available when needed.

Streamlined Management: Pay-to-use locker systems from iLockerz come with intuitive management software, enabling administrators to efficiently manage locker assignments, track usage, and collect fees. This streamlines administrative tasks and provides a centralised system for managing locker operations.

Promotes Responsibility and Accountability: By introducing a pay-to-use model, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their locker usage. They become accountable for timely payments and adhere to rules and regulations associated with locker usage, fostering a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Overall, pay-to-use smart lockers in education offer financial benefits, efficient resource allocation, enhanced security, convenience, and promote a culture of responsibility among students. Offering educational institutions an innovative approach to locker management, the state-of-the-art locker solutions from iLockerz is successfully transforming the student experience.

Learn more about the exciting possibilities offered by these pay-to-use smart lockers and enquire about the revenue share options available – contact iLockerz now.


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