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Backed by Kickstarter, this tile designer app is built by a team of professional designers and engineers, and is powered by the same algorithms used by Google maps and other leading navigation tools. It is fully integrated with a custom tile service, Kagi, which supports other tile providers such as OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, and Cloudmade. Tile creators can access all the tools they need for their projects on Kagi, with zero setup or subscription costs. Tilesview is designed for anyone interested in creating beautiful, practical, interactive tiles. It is 100% free, with no in-app purchases or advertisements. Tilesview gives you the tools to make beautiful interactive tiles in all major tile providers such as OSM, Mapbox, MapboxGL, Cloudmade, and OpenStreetMap, plus make them from the Kagi tile service directly. [New feature][add-image]With the optional Tiles View Extras plugin, you can enhance your tiles with additional content such as text labels, audio notes, photos, video, and custom animations. [Creative tool] [Full documentation][docs] [Back to market][add-image] [Visit Kagi][visit-kagi] [Basic features][add-image] - Make your own tiles from the Kagi tile service directly. - Integrate your tiles with a tile service of your choice, using the popular Kagi tile server. - Export to web-friendly images - Tile layers can be individually styled using colors and stylesheets. [Advanced features][add-image] - Create your own rules for combining multiple tiles into complex layers. - Tile layer styles - Tile layer masks - Tile layer animations - The option to create your own custom tile layers from raw source data. - Extract every single tile using the powerful Extractor plugin. - Simple layer-level data export options. - Freeform tile pinning. - Custom tile styles. [Tiles creation][add-image] - Edit layer and individual tile properties on-the-fly with layer editing tools. - Use any tool to filter, transform, and combine tiles, and see results in real-time. - Drag and drop tiles in the preview. - Use the advanced editor to edit individual tiles or the entire layer. - Use any common tile service like OSM, Mapbox, Cloudmade




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