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geert-pieters-electronic lockers


geert pierters-smart lockers

iLockerz has vast experience providing smart storage solutions to niche and even unique requirements for customers within other sectors.

An ability to identify innovative ways for customers to overcome specific challenges or improve existing processes has led to the development of additional iLockerz products, such as:





Whatever the pain point, iLockerz can deliver an intelligent solution which

can be configured for any functionality, scale, or environment. Some of the unrivalled system features which can be implemented include:

​Retrospective RFiD fit out of existing stores and areas, providing full audit trail of all equipment moving in and out with electronic airlock

True RFiD integration with iLockerz hardware, software, project management and installation

Freestanding containers and rooms, allowing large equipment or multiple items to be tracked in and out for short-term transactions or for outdoor facilities with RFiD Airlock and RFiD Mantrap

Live tracking of equipment on a site via RFiD and GPRS triangulation

RFiD weapon tracking and security for armouries and weapon stores

GPS asset tracking to monitor equipment activity globally

Bar code software allowing assets to be audited, tracked and managed around the world

Affordable mechanical equipment tracking systems giving greater asset security and accountability

RFiD RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) to provide live tracking and location of all valuable equipment within a pre-set area

Windowed doors available in various locker sizes and viewing panel colours/effects for easy visual checks

iVending locker configurations available in free-to-use and pay-to-use modes, allowing organisations to provide a complimentary service or generate revenue through vending a range of items



Seeking a personalised solution? Let iLockerz know your requirements...

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iLockerz fully intelligent locker system
RFiD Loss Prevention-smart lockers
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