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Track and automate the use of the assets, devices and equipment essential to your organisation's effective operation with reporting, tracking and audit trails

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iLockerz in ‘Business Asset Loans’ mode enable users to borrow shared equipment using various entry methods, such as a PIN, fingerprint scan or RFiD card (3rd party database integration available).


These systems allow organisations to make essential items and equipment readily available and ensure that it is charged up, minimising disruption and allowing users to be more productive and work more effectively.


Each locker system is installed with intelligent software that provides real-time information of items being collected and returned. A full audit trail is generated automatically with each transaction, meaning that each item logged within the system can be tracked, with data for device usage being easily accessible.

Implementing iLockerz systems provides a fully automated management solution which removes the need for standard inventory monitoring, reducing the likelihood of equipment being misplaced, lost or stolen.




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Store laptops, tablets, phones, scanners, tools, cameras, radios, or any other important items

Secure and automate your business assets

Offer a pre-booking module

Ensure devices are returned to locker compartments

Add in-compartment charging via plug or USB

Manage assets through powerful web-based software and reporting

Access control and 3rd party database integration (i.e. LDAPS) options will automatically import and integrate users with your existing systems and infrastructure

Add user groups and set permissions

Grant access to particular assets and preset times

Access all asset movement and usage data via the powerful web based portal

Can be setup in stand alone or fully networked configurations

Access systems from anywhere via 4G, Wi-Fi or LAN

Pin code, QR code, card swipe or fingerprint access



Some of the many use cases can be seen below, with more details about the types of assets and equipment that can be managed by the implementation of an intelligent locker system.


Discover more about the solutions delivered by each system and the features available for each application.

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