iLockerz intelligent electronic locker systems provide a total equipment management solution for both internal staff and visitors within a wide range of facilities and settings, including retail, leisure, and other shared social environments.

Providing a central storage location for staff, operational equipment needed for everyday facilities and buildings management or maintenance can be stored securely and accessed via a fully trackable automated process, extending the life of assets whilst saving time on sign-in, sign-out practices.

Device charging capabilities help staff to work more efficiently and provide a convenient facility for visitors, increasing footfall and encouraging customers to spend longer on site which can increase revenue for local businesses.

Boasting a wide range of functionalities to facilitate any user and control requirements, these systems can deliver effective asset management and an enhanced user experience.

iLockerz can store, track and charge a vast array of portable items, including:

Mobile Phones | Laptops | Tablets | Radios | Keys | Tools | Emergency Medical Equipment | Cameras | PPE | Important Documentation | Shopping | Food Orders | Bicycles

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