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iLockerz comprises a range of intelligent electronic locker systems which can be configured to operate in various key modes with powerful back-end management software, designed to address common challenges faced by organisations when it comes to storage and management of items.

Using cutting-edge technology, iLockerz provides innovative solutions to businesses that are seeking greater control over essential equipment, to improve operational effectiveness and to enhance user experience.

iLockerz in Business Asset Loans mode offer organisations a fully automated and audited process through the implementation of Electronic Locker, Smart Tracker™ or RFiD systems, improving productivity and accountability for organisations and users.

Having identified an ever-growing need for secure, short-term storage and charging facilities for devices in everyday situations, iLockerz has developed various systems that facilitate Personal Item Storage. An intelligent locker can be accessible in shared use to a known or unknown user, or can be programmed for assigned use, providing a central storage location to suit any requirement.

Modern work and living also demands greater flexibility to fit around personal and professional commitments, so iLockerz offers a convenient Drop-Off and Collection solution. This mode enables organisations to extend their services which can be accessible by customers or employees to 24/7. Intuitive locker systems can be installed for item drop-off and collection, item vending or equipment swap-out and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Find out more about the available mode options below or contact iLockerz.

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