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Offer a self-service storage location where visitors and staff can securely store and even re-charge personal items such as mobile phones, laptops and other valuables


iLockerz intelligent lockers in Personal Item Storage mode can be used for storage of items such as bags and personal devices that need re-charging, allowing individuals to borrow a locker compartment for a short period of time, and then retrieve their items quickly and safely at a later stage.

These solutions can include power facilities within the lockers, enabling users to re-charge electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets whilst they are securely stored. Systems can then be setup in a free-to-use or pay-to-use method, with a powerful web based back-end for total management control.


Advanced software provides a fully automated service, with locker pre-booking and availability shown via the web, app or through a third party integration, and exciting packages such as profit share are available.


Use iLockerz in personal item storage mode to offer secure short term storage at your school, office, venue or facility and create a truly safe and innovative user experience.





Shopping locker

Visitors, staff and students can store and charge their items securely in your location

Increase dwell-time at certain areas, direct footfall and encourage users to stay longer at your venue

Offer lockers with in-compartment charging via mains or USB to increase safety and connectivity

Integrate with access cards or fobs to assign locker access to specific user accounts, or offer one-time use modes for visitors with contactless card or PIN

Offer lockers for free or choose to monetise by offering locker access and charging in public areas

Manage the lockers through powerful web-based software, accessible via LAN, Wi-Fi or 4G

Access control system integration. Import and integrate users with your existing systems in known user setup

Add user groups and set permissions

Grant access to particular locker compartments

Operate as a free to use or pay to use service for both pre-registered users and/or random users depending on the setup of the iLockerz software

Comprehensive audit trail of all locker and system usage

Pin code, QR code, card swipe or fingerprint access

HD colour photo of each transaction

Stand alone or fully networked configuration. In-built web server and wifi connectivity for easy management



iLockerz intelligent locker systems implemented for personal item storage can benefit users in a range of environments including educational, business and leisure settings.


Discover more about the types of devices and belongings these automated solutions can securely store, along with the features available for each application and the benefits they bring to enhance user experiences.

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