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SIXT iLockerz Drop-Off and Collection


Securely automate the drop-off and collection of any item 24/7, with audit trails and reporting plus contactless operation for the ultimate out-of-hours service


iLockerz can be implemented indoors or outdoors in Drop-off & Collection mode to accommodate the smart delivery and collection of packages, parcels, keys, laundry and other essential items or provisions.


These systems make it possible for any organisation to facilitate a 24/7 deposit and retrieval facility, connecting customers with purchased goods and employees with work equipment.

As well as being convenient, iLockerz drop-off and collection lockers provide a contactless, safe experience for users, thereby delivering a solution that meets the demands of modern living and safety considerations.


Each locker is programmed to deliver a fully automated and trackable process in real-time, achieving a seamless service whilst creating many other opportunities for organisational growth and improvement.

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iLockerz package drop-off & collection l

Offer a secure 24/7 Item Drop-off & Collection facility at your location. Perfect for retail, residences, facilities, offices, auto-service centres and more

Reduce human contact and increase profitability

A completely contactless solution with QR code readers to scan codes from personal devices and automatically operate doors

Automated customer confirmation emails and collection PIN/QR codes for access to their item(s)

Secure systems which can be placed indoors or outdoors, with 8 different locker door sizes available

Manage item drop-off & collection through powerful web-based software and reporting

Allow users to access lockers using PIN code via the touch screen or by presenting an associated receipt, bar code or QR code on their device

Automate item drop-off and collection processes

Comprehensive audit trail of all item drop-off & collection and system usage

Stand alone or fully networked configuration

HD colour photo of each transaction

In-built web server with LAN, Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity for easy management

image of parcel in locker

Access and third party system integration available

asset management, equipment tracking, intelligent lockers, electronic lockers


iLockerz intelligent locker systems can be used for the drop-off and collection of a wide range of items, in various environments and can be configured to operate in many different ways.


Discover some of the solutions each system can deliver the features offered by each application.


This whitepaper examines the challenges faced in the efficient delivery, collection, and return of parcels within residential and commercial spaces. It delves into the implementation of smart locker systems as a solution to these challenges and compares their benefits to traditional concierge services.

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