iLockerz intelligent electronic locker systems provide a smart solution to asset management within distribution and logistics organisations.

RFiD iTagz technology enables every key item and piece of equipment to be controlled, managed, and audited in

real-time, giving greater visibility and traceability for valuable assets.

Acting as a secure storage location for shared use items, iLockerz systems can charge devices to ensure they are ready for use whilst reporting features hold users accountable for missing or damaged items. The optional addition of a breathalyser function can restrict access to dangerous or critical items, further minimising risk.

Organisations can achieve greater efficiency as handover processes become quicker and admin processes more seamless, with the option of equipment repair or upgrade alerts making admin and safety processes easier to manage.

iLockerz offer a more effective way for distribution and logistics companies to manage items, such as:

Handheld Scanners | Voice Units | Keys | PDA Devices | Data Terminals | Fuel Cards | Mobile Phones | Radios | Label Printers | Knives & Blades | Taco Graphs | Castell Line Locks 

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