iLockerz intelligent electronic locker systems provide the Emergency Services with a smart solution for securely storing shared use equipment and automating access to authorised personnel.

Providing a central storage location, iLockerz can charge electronic devices to ensure essential items are always ready for use, thereby achieving more effective operations which is essential within busy settings.

The comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities of each system give greater control and real-time visibility of items, making it possible to access detailed transaction data or generate a full audit trail without the need for complicated admin processes.

Advanced software offers features such as a ‘Fit For Purpose’ or ‘Item Pre-Book’ applications, extending the lifetime and security of valuable assets whilst automating access to items for a speedier, more convenient user experience.

iLockerz provide accountability for sensitive or difficult to manage items, including:

Airwave Radios | Drug Bags | CS Gas | Keys | Breathalysers | 

Weapons | Cameras | Tasers | Toughbooks | Laptops | 

Evidence | Rescue Equipment | Mobile Devices | Medical Equipment


This whitepaper explores the potential issues the emergency services will face as they transition onto the new ESN network, and the future-proof solutions available to help them achieve true digital transformation.


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