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barbed wire
prison fence
barbed wire
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Infantry battle


prison fence

iLockerz intelligent electronic locker systems deliver an extensive, fully customisable asset management solution for the military, prisons, and law enforcement agencies, ensuring better efficiency, security and, most importantly, safety.

Enabling greater visibility and accountability over sensitive equipment in use 24/7, these systems can help to reduce operational costs and mitigate potential risks of items falling into the wrong hands.

Advanced software can be fully integrated with existing networks to restrict access to authorised users, provide detailed activity for all transactions in real-time and alert administrators to critical events such as specific items being overdue for return.

Military iLockerz weapon lockers

The cutting-edge technology and RFiD iTagz technology offers precise control of shared equipment, helping security and defence organisations to work more effectively.

iLockerz can be implemented in many configurations to securely store, track and vend vital assets, including:

Weapons | Ammunition | Radios | Keys | Lighting | Pagers | Panic Alarms | Cameras | Laptops | Surveillance Equipment | Tools | Anti-Riot Gear | Detection Devices | Search & Access Kits

Intelligent Lockers with a range of locker door sizes_edited.jpg





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