iLockerz smart locker systems provide an intelligent solution to rail, aviation, and other transport organisations reliant on handheld electronic devices as part of their daily operations.

Allowing essential shared-use equipment to be stored in a secure facility at multiple locations across countrywide networks, these lockers make it possible for staff to collect and return the items they need at any time whilst ensuring fully charged and functional devices are always readily available.

The in-built software can be integrated with existing networks for a seamless transition, making it easier to manage valuable assets in real-time and promptly detect items in need of repair or replacement, thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary expense.

Advanced RFiD technology provides greater visibility over all types of equipment, helping transport staff to work more effectively without the need for stations or airports to be physically manned.

iLockerz can be implemented in a variety of system configurations to securely store, charge, and vend vital assets, including:

Contactless Card Payment Readers | Ticketing Machines | Travel Document Verification Devices | Data Terminals | Radios | Keys | Laptops | Tablets | Smartphones | Pagers | Cameras | Tool Kits