iLockerz intelligent locker systems provide a smart solution for schools, colleges and universities who require effective management of laptops, tablets, and other essential items.

Intuitive RFiD iTagz technology supports a fully auditable system which can be integrated with a range of management software for a seamless service, allowing all assets to be tracked and monitored.

Charging capabilities include 3-pin plug point, USB socket or hard-wired charging cable, ensuring both personal issue and shared devices are fully powered and ready for use by students or employees.

A central location for securely storing equipment, iLockerz can be implemented to provide 24/7 access to authorised users to reduce the burden of sign-in, sign-out processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

iLockerz helps ensure valuable assets are safely stored yet always readily available to those who need them. Such items include:

Laptops | iPads | Tablets | Computers | Projectors | Phones | Musical Instruments | Keys | Cameras | Cash Trays | Radios | Printers | Personal Items | PPE | Emergency Medical Equipment

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