iLockerz provides intelligent management solutions for a range of automotive industry requirements, including tracking trolleys which secure and vend valuable tools and equipment, and automated locker systems to facilitate drop-off and collection of keys or other items.

The innovative trolleys and cabinets provide better management of essential tools and diagnostic devices used every day by service centres, MOT garages, tyre fitting facilities and other motor repair businesses.

With full audit and charging capabilities, every asset can be located quicker and easier, saving time and unnecessary expense whilst devices can be charged ready for use to increase efficiency.

These organisations and motor dealerships can also boost profitability and create many other opportunities with a Keylockerz IP65 system. The smart, secure lockers can be used to implement a 24/7 key drop-off and collection service, giving both customers and employees a convenient experience whilst reducing overheads.

iLockerz can bring many benefits to the automotive industry, giving more effective control over items such as:

Power Tools | Diagnostic Devices | Rugged Tablets | Calibrated Socket Wrenches | Spanners | Keys | Cameras | Trade Plates | Jumper Cables | Jack Stands | Creepers | Testing Equipment


This paper explores the accelerating trends set to reshape the automotive industry and the solutions available to businesses preparing for digital transformation.