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Our superior intelligent locker software provides greater control and a user-friendly experience

iLockerz intelligent locker systems are managed through the implementation of powerful iLockerz software. A management suite is built into the on-board touchscreen and can also be controlled remotely from almost any device which supports web browser access, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Unrivalled in its capabilities, iLockerz software provides a complete experience with its extensive range of reporting and management functionality. Greater admin control facilitated by advanced software allows organisations to operate more efficiently whilst delivering a straightforward and convenient user experience.

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Administrator dashboards via the iLockerz web-based management interface or directly through the iLockerz touch-screen

Report Generator Wizard tool for customised reports

Usage transaction reports

Visual reports

Override locker and user function for management

Smart Tracker & RFiD Technology to authenticate item movements

Last In-Last Out feature to vend most charged and least used devices

Fit For Purpose calibration/PAT/operational suitability tests and checks

Available as stand-alone locker systems or networked for a seamless set-up

Total Integration

As the most advanced yet versatile locker systems available, iLockerz can be set up with direct integration or plug-ins via open API to offer a complete and fully comprehensive solution for any organisation.

Maximum Security

BitDefender can be added to avoid potential system disruption by eliminating data breaches. This additional layer of security ensures staff and customer information are better protected, promoting greater productivity.

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asset management, equipment tracking, intelligent lockers, electronic lockers

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