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Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Lincol

As one of the world’s most recognised brands, Siemens supplies to the global oil, gas, and power generation industry. Boasting a 135,000 sq. ft. facility in Lincoln, Siemens can sometimes find it difficult to achieve seamless communications amongst its staff which can impact efficiency. 

To ensure the safety of employees whilst keeping operations running smoothly, Siemens sought an advanced solution for managing its handheld radios used by engineers and onsite managers. 

iLockerz understood the complexities of these asset management requirements and delivered an intelligent locker system to remove potential barriers to real-time communications.


Manufacturing giant, Siemens, had identified a lack of control over the radios being managed at its Lincoln facility. Multiple handsets were being signed out at a time using manual processes which meant audit trails were inaccurate and unreliable. 

Issues would also arise with radios not being sufficiently powered, causing delays or disruptions to operations with employees having to wait for radios to be charged or replaced.

Radios are essential pieces of equipment which is integral to onsite communications. Siemens therefore need to ensure all radios are easily accessible and ready for use at all times.


iLockerz recognised that Siemens could benefit from a system that offered accountability to the assigned user and delivered a solution which would provide real-time transaction information for an effective audit process.

The intelligent locker system implemented at the facility comprises an intuitive user interface (UI) for a straightforward user experience, a secure locking system and in-compartment charging, to ensure communications devices are safely stored and charged when not in use.

Matthew Hewson, Facilities Engineer at Siemens Lincoln, said: “The system has a clean and easy-to- use user interface”. 


Since installation of the iLockerz system, Siemens has significantly reduced time being wasted looking for missing radios which has seen a boost in both operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Radios are no longer having to be continually replaced, saving Siemens the unnecessary expense of around £1,000 per handset, as they are stored securely when not in use.

Integrating smoothly with the company’s existing systems and operations, the iLockerz system has helped Siemens to overcome its asset management challenges whilst offering staff a simple user experience.

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