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Wing Yip identified a need to address challenges associated with outdated devices, unauthorized usage, and the need for better control and responsibility over its new handheld scanners and other essential equipment. 

iLockerz subsequently installed five smart locker solutions to improve the safety, management, and accountability of these devices in four different distribution centres across the UK.


As a leading Oriental grocer in the UK, Wing Yip faced several challenges with their existing device management system which was inhibiting operations across its four superstores. 

The company’s existing devices were outdated, leading to frequent malfunctions and difficulties with software updates. Additionally, employees would often check devices out of unsupervised offices for use in the warehouse, leaving them unattended on pallets for extended periods. This lack of responsibility and accountability made it difficult to track device usage and identify any problems with equipment. Such issues fuelled a growing concern about devices being damaged or misplaced through improper handling.

Having invested in a host of new Android-based scanners, Wing Yip recognised that a solution was required to protect and manage devices more effectively while enhancing accessibility.


To address these challenges, Wing Yip approached innovative solutions provider Renovotec with their scanner requirements and was introduced to Ryan Slaney, Managing Director at iLockerz.  Following on-site demonstrations of the smart locker solutions available, Wing Yip realised the potential of iLockerz to not only facilitate easier management of the new scanners, but also additional equipment used by employees, including other handheld terminals (HHTs), ProGlove devices, radios and body worn cameras.

Subsequently, intelligent locker systems were strategically installed by iLockerz at five Wing Yip locations across the UK, with two systems being implemented in Birmingham (one on the shop floor and one in its central distribution facility), and individual systems in Manchester, Croydon and Cricklewood


iLockerz successfully addressed the initial requirement of Wing Yip to improve safety and device management. Furthermore, the company expressed satisfaction with the system's performance, and was particularly pleased that the lockers could accommodate tablets, laptops, and other small devices in the future, allowing for scalability as per their business needs.

Gabriel Petrica, IT Engineer says: "iLockerz has truly transformed our operations at Wing Yip. As a customer, we implemented their smart locker systems across our five distribution centres in the UK to enhance the safety and management of our handheld terminals. The service provided by iLockerz engineers was truly impressive, ensuring seamless installation and setup. The time-saving benefits have been remarkable, and productivity has increased considerably. The positive impact has been so significant that we are already considering expanding the use of iLockerz systems for additional devices in the future."

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The adoption of iLockerz systems across the Wing Yip estate has successfully addressed the challenges faced by the company, providing a robust solution for the safety, management, and accountability. Impressed by the extensive support provided by the iLockerz team since installation, Wing Yip have expressed interest in future collaboration as their equipment management needs evolve.

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