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This is an exciting opportunity for an individual with the right attitude to develop themselves within an ever-evolving electromechanical engineering role, whilst having freedom to develop processes and a world-class assembly area to allow rapid construction of intelligent lockers of the highest quality.


This job is a production operative role, meaning that the production area will be where you are mainly based, though you will also be required to assist in other areas of the business. You will be heavily involved in up-and-coming orders relating to build slots and delivery times, time spent on respective works, stock of parts required to fulfil orders and more.


Planning, problem-solving, and stock management are key factors within this role, as is customer service and the ability to liaise with customers when spending time on site. The process of taking an order from the Sales team and working on the hardware through assembly to installation. Assisting with training and associated purchasing/stock management work required. Daily activities will include:

  • Maintain a safe, clean and effective workspace

  • Electromechanical set-up of all systems

  • Wiring and testing of power supplies, in-compartment charging, battery backups and PCB canbus

  • Installation of PC control unit, RFID readers, antennas, and multiplexers

  • Solder LED lights and other electronic components

  • Keep all parts together and in correct places, and replenish when needed

  • Effectively plan and manage equipment required to complete tasks both within the iLockerz production area and on-site

  • Properly and professionally maintain stock and update the ERP System

  • Build locker systems, test, install and support

  • Complete site visits and maintenance checks working alone and with others

  • Build and attend exhibitions, stands, events and other promotional work

  • Clean systems and ensure that they are protected from damage

  • Liaise with Operations Manager to ensure effective delivery against orders

  • Liaise with IT department to ensure that solutions are delivered as expected

  • Maintenance of work vehicles

  • Understand all tools and how they work

  • Update to-do lists and team questions and engage appropriate colleagues

  • Have a deep understanding of how all systems work

  • Train new customers on iLockerz products and how they work

  • Use support hub to record faults, diagnostic process taken, action taken to complete the repair and all other support works for customers

  • Take part in weekly meetings

  • Take deliveries and confirm against delivery notes then check stock

  • Load and un-load vehicles as required, taking care of items and vehicles

  • Take on basic purchasing responsibilities (as and when/if required)



Training, both internal and external, will be provided to develop skill sets in line with existing ability, aptitude, attitude, evolving client requirements and as agreed/updated at weekly meetings.

Mentor meetings and training will take place on the last Monday of each month at 3:00pm unless otherwise agreed and must be arranged with the Production Manager.

It is a requirement that work onsite begins at 10:00am and, as such, you will be required to leave with adequate time on site-based days.

Work onsite that runs over more than one day will require stayovers, for which you will be given an extra £25 pay (before tax & NI) and costs for accommodation and food that evening, and the following morning, will be paid for by the company.


Time in lieu will be given for hours returning home after 7pm and, where possible, this should be taken the following business day, work-load dependant.


  • Electromechanical assembly using power and hand tools

  • Field engineer service work with hardware and software at customer locations

  • Purchasing administration

  • Effective time planning

  • Installation of hardware at a customer’s location

  • Completing production and site visit paperwork

  • Quality Inspection

  • Stock control duties

  • Understanding CAD drawings

  • Full UK driving licence


●    A positive and constructive outlook
●    Enthusiastic approach
●    A willingness to learn
●    A desire to develop the items they are working with
●    A problem solver with a can-do attitude
●    A thirst for knowledge and new experiences
●    Self-motivated 
●    Excellent timekeeper
●    Resilient
●    Confident
●    Emotionally intelligent 
●    Effective communicator 
●    Accountable 
●    Tenacious and persistent
●    Focussed 
●    Ability to plan and strategize
●    A keen goal-setter
●    Pro-active 
●    Ability to work as part of a team and alone

Sound like a good fit? Email your current CV and covering letter to:

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