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Neovia Logistics

Neovia Logistics, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain services, faced significant challenges in managing and tracking its warehouse scanners. The company sought a solution to improve operational efficiency, reduce loss and damage, and enhance overall security. 

iLockerz successfully installed an intelligent electronic locker and asset management system, providing a rapid return on investment for Neovia while allowing the company to overcome the main challenges previously impacting operations across its large site.


Operating a 1.5 million square foot warehouse in Desford, Leicestershire, Neovia Logistics serve the automotive industry and customers including Jaguar Land Rover. With warehouse teams relying on handheld scanners to ensure accurate sorting and shipment of automotive parts worldwide, management of such scanners was proving costly and time-consuming.


Neovia faced numerous challenges in managing its pool of scanners, including damage, loss, inefficient allocation, and absence of tracking. In the three months preceding the implementation of the iLockerz system, Neovia had invested £80,000 in replacement devices. Aside from the significant financial expense, a considerable strain was being imposed on operational efficiency as managers and employees were hindered by their efforts to locate and make scanners available.


Recognising the need for Neovia to adopt an efficient asset management system, iLockerz installed an innovative solution comprising 280 intelligent lockers featuring a RFID tracking system. The cutting-edge system was strategically placed within the Desford site, enabling up to ten operatives to simultaneously access or return scanners. Integration with the employee ID badge system facilitated fast and seamless shift handovers. 

The iLockerz team also attached RFID tags to each scanner, providing real-time information on their usage and location. The powerful in-built software also allows managers to track scanners throughout the warehouse if needed, allowing managers to track misplaced or accidently packed scanners to an exact location. In addition, the system was equipped with Last-In, Last Out (LILO) technology to ensure every device gets equal usage to prevent unnecessary wear.

In order to ensure a smooth transition and efficient utilisation of the solution, iLockerz also provided Neovia with a free training unit to allow employees to familiarise themselves with the locker system before commencing work on the warehouse floor. 


Through the iLockerz intelligent asset management system, Neovia Logistics successfully addressed the challenges associated with managing warehouse scanners. The implementation significantly improved security, reduced loss and damage, and delivered incredible gains in terms of operational efficiency.


Ben Leeson, Project Manager for Neovia stated, "The iLockerz system has transformed our operations, with the secure electronic lockers allowing a complete overhaul in how we track and manage our warehouse scanners. We've seen significant improvements in efficiency, reduced loss and damage, and a notable boost in productivity."


With a rapid return on investment and streamlined operations with minimal disruption, Neovia experienced tangible benefits from iLockerz's expertise in asset management. And, as the logistics industry continues to embrace technological advancements, the smart locker solutions from iLockerz will enable Neovia to focus on their core operations and drive innovation forward for many years yet to come.

Neovia locker system
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