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Driving the motor industry forward to unlock greater potential

The coronavirus pandemic has proved problematic for businesses worldwide, prompting entire industries to adapt so they can continue operating whilst complying with ever-evolving restrictions.

Posing a greater challenge is the change in consumer expectations and buying habits, which demand a simple, hassle-free experience from their retailers and service providers.

Recognising the benefits that going digital can provide to both business and customer, dealerships have shifted their showrooms online to make it easier for individuals to buy motor vehicles from the comfort and safety of their own home. Greater accessibility is perhaps one of the key contributors to the rapid growth in the number of ‘digital deals’ seen by car, van and motorcycle retailers during the UK’s second lockdown.

Whilst an increase in sales is positive, car dealers are also realising that this is only one part of the customer journey. Once an order has been placed through an online platform, the process needs to remain smooth and seamless right through to when the customer collects the key for their new vehicle.

Besides dealerships, centres conducting services, MOTs or tyre fitting must also overcome the obstacle of exposing themselves and customers to potential risks of catching or transmitting COVID-19 through face-to-face interaction.

To provide an affordable solution to these concerns, iLockerz has designed a range of fully automated locker systems which facilitate the option for dealers to offer a safe, contact-free drop-off and collection service for keys and other items.

The innovative KeyLockerz IP65 systems are easy to use and, as they are accessed using either a touchscreen or by scanning a pre-generated QR-code, they remove the need for unnecessary human interaction; addressing a growing concern for modern and future generations in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

As well as providing a better experience for customers, the implementation of intelligent key lockers also helps to protect staff whilst generating opportunities to drive business forward – not only for vehicle retailers, but motor hire companies, auto service and tyre centres and MOT garages.

KeyLockerz enable businesses to provide a 24/7 service, which is convenient for both team member and customer. This can also help reduce or completely remove customer waiting and dwell times, thereby lowering overheads for service departments and other areas.

The cutting-edge software built into these locker systems allow businesses to achieve greater efficiency, providing total administrator control and reporting, whilst system status and locker availability can also be monitored remotely.

The trend for digital deals is predicted to increase further over the coming years and, in order to thrive, all businesses will need to be more proactive and forward-thinking in the ways they interact with their customers.

With safety and security considerations also becoming a greater priority, iLockerz is eager to provide a solution that brings peace of mind to customers and effectively increases profitability for businesses.

Get in touch to find out how KeyLockerz can drive your business towards a smarter future.


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