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Energy cost crisis calls for smarter power management as organisations face financial ruin

As households across the UK brace the announcement of Ofgem's new energy price cap, organisations expect further turmoil as crippling energy costs continue to threaten closures across all sectors.

Signalling devastating times ahead, many schools expect energy bills to treble in coming months whilst businesses are already seeing prices rocket to over 1,000%. In a bid to avoid collapse, organisations are desperately seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and keep outgoings to an absolute minimum.

Having realised the urgent need to tackle yet further energy hikes, iLockerz explains why implementing an intelligent power management system is key to reducing energy usage and explores the benefits of smart lockers for organisations seeking to minimise the financial burden of managing electronic assets.

Off-Peak Power Perks

Whilst electronic assets may be crucial to a company’s performance, they are likely to be costly and difficult to manage effectively. Ensuring equipment essential to everyday functioning is ready for use can rack up further expense, particularly when charged devices are left plugged in and squandering electricity.

However, charging items using an iLockerz smart locker offers the ability to ensure power draw turns off automatically once a device reaches full battery. As well as being able to manually full stop the power draw for each system, another energy saving feature includes the option to programme set times of the day when stored devices can be charged.

This powerful software function means organisations can avoid wasting energy and power up their assets when electricity rates are cheaper, allowing them to take advantage of off-peak tariffs which could provide significant savings throughout the year.

Preserving Pricey Assets

Another cost consideration is the outlay for tablets, laptops, and other devices which all come at a premium and poor management will see further expenses when items are misplaced, become broken or present faults that go undetected.

To address this, intelligent locker systems can provide a central storage facility where electronic items may be safely charged and iLockerz boasts a Last-In, Last Out (LILO) software feature which ensures the least used, most charged devices are always available to users. Charge authentication also prompts users to connect returned devices to the in-built power supply before completing their transaction, so all items are adequately charged and ready for the next user.

The cutting-edge technology comprised within each iLockerz system provides a range of functions dedicated to improving the performance of assets whilst prolonging the lifetime of batteries, keeping essential tools in service for longer to prevent disruption and reduce expenses.

Reducing Replacement Risks

Also costly are outdated practices for storing or powering up digital assets which pose a number of potential hazards, especially those containing rechargeable batteries which are typically manufactured using lithium ions or other chemicals. Mobile phones, computers, cordless tools, and medical devices are equipped with such batteries, generating a lot of heat that could result in fire or may even explode.

Though these instances are rare, preventative measures are nonetheless essential and those seeking compliance with safety regulations may expect resource-sapping control measures and extortionate insurance premiums, particularly where safe handling and storage practices are non-existent.

Equipped with an array of hazard prevention measures, iLockerz systems feature hardware grids and hoods for ventilation, PDUs for evenly distributing power and chargeboard integration for effectively regulating energy input and output. These and other risk-conscious design features ensure assets are stored and charged safely, while keeping energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

Powering Up Performance

Of course, the more efficient processes and tools organisations put in place, the more productive their workforce will be, which will inevitably produce greater cost-savings and income. The same may be applied to energy consumption, though many still spend over the odds as they are unaware of some areas that may benefit from energy efficiency improvements.

The innovative iLockerz software in each intelligent locker system allows data to be accessed via API, allowing businesses to monitor the performance of batteries, analyse power draw activity from USB or plug sockets and to identify any items in need of repair or replacement.

In addition, audits can be conducted in real-time, and alerts can be configured to trigger instant notifications whenever a storage or power concern needs swift resolution, providing greater accountability over energy usage. Armed with comprehensive data of all asset transactions and power consumption, organisations can make educated steps towards greater efficiency.

Keeping Down Costs

iLockerz understands the many difficulties being faced by organisations across the globe and cutting energy consumption is crucial to survival. The forward-thinking team therefore continues its mission to provide ground-breaking, efficient and cost-effective solutions by delivering the smartest locker systems available on the market.

To find out how smarter power management can help your organisation reduce its output and minimise the impact of future energy hikes, contact iLockerz.


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