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Future-proofing operations for Emergency Services

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Future-proofing operations for Emergency Services - iLockerz Intelligent Electronic Locker Systems

Transformational change has been high on the agenda for emergency services over recent years, with innovative technologies being more widely adopted to overcome the various challenges faced by busy departments seeking more efficient ways of working.

Whilst advancements in technology have enabled police officers, paramedics, and firefighters to communicate, record and report their duties more effectively, the ever-growing reliance on devices can present a burden on administration.

iLockerz is well informed of the problems posed by this concern, having provided asset management solutions to the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services over recent years. Customers within these settings have a variety of devices and equipment which are allocated for personal issue and pooled, whereby multiple users share items.

Body-worn camera and airwave radio - Police Emergency Services

Devices such as airwave radios, body-worn cameras, toughbooks, tablets and breathalysers are commonly used by the police force, whilst medical and rescue equipment, laptops and mobile devices are used regularly by those in other emergency services, including the military police and coast guards.

These assets need to be easily accessible and ready to use by authorised personnel 24/7, but they also need to be kept secure when not in use to prevent sensitive information or hazardous materials getting lost or stolen.

By implementing an intelligent locker system from iLockerz, emergency services can automate access for all devices and equipment, allowing greater control and visibility of their assets. Reducing or even removing the need for manually checking items in and out, admin staff can save time on laborious inventories as every transaction is recorded, generating an audit trail which can be accessed in real-time, any time.

Not only boosting productivity for admin but for those working on the frontline too, iLockerz offers in-compartment charging compatible with a wide range of electronic devices. A ‘last-in, last-out’ (LILO) function built into each system also ensures the least used, most charged items are accessed by users and if ever a device is faulty or broken, it can easily be swapped out with a fully charged and functional replacement to avoid any further disruption to duties.

ESN devices - Police Emergency Services

As the government plans to improve service by enabling innovation, the emergency services will see a roll-out of the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) critical communications system over the coming months and along with it, a range of new handheld ESN devices. These will replace airwave radios for around 300,000 frontline users.

In line with this move towards a more advanced tech-enhanced future within the emergency services, iLockerz is preparing for an upsurge in locker system upgrades for existing customers looking to future-proof their operations ahead of the switch from Airwave to ESN.

Also featuring at the upcoming BAPCO online event for professionals in the public safety technology sector, iLockerz will be sharing details about its secure, reliable and capable locker solutions which can be adapted to suit an ever-evolving range of devices and requirements.

Ongoing support is another key consideration of those implementing an intuitive locker system and iLockerz will be touching on the enhanced warranty options available at the event, created with emergency services in mind to offer a seamless service and added reassurance to users.

To find out more about the electronic locker systems and support available for emergency services, register for BAPCO on 2-4 March or contact iLockerz now.


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