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iLockerz Empowers Highlands College to Enhance Campus Efficiency

iLockerz smart laptop lockers at Highlands College

iLockerz Ltd, leading provider of smart locker solutions, has successfully partnered with Highlands College to revolutionise campus efficiency and student accessibility. The implementation of iLockerz has addressed the evolving needs of students and technical staff, allowing the college to foster a flexible learning environment while streamlining resource management.

Highlands College, a renowned further and higher education institution in Jersey, faced significant challenges in managing the storage and access requirements of devices, particularly with the surge in remote learning and need for temporary device loans to students. Seeking a reliable and feature-rich locker system, the college conducted extensive research and ultimately selected iLockerz through a competitive tendering process.

iLockerz presented the ideal solution for Highlands College, combining competitive pricing, comprehensive services, and the ability to meet the specific requirements of the institution. The iLockerz ECO system was chosen, featuring 90 compartments spread across three locations within three buildings. Equipped with an access card reader and in-compartment charging capabilities, the system securely stored and charged laptops for short-term loaning to students.

Throughout the implementation process, iLockerz demonstrated exceptional customer support and addressed any concerns promptly. Their engineers conducted on-site visits to ensure a seamless operation, resolving minor issues such as syncing with the college’s active directory and generating specific reports.

The results of the collaboration between Highlands College and iLockerz have been remarkable. The iLockerz system has empowered students and staff, propelling a digital revolution in campus services. Terry Walters, Head of IT at Highlands College, expressed his approval, stating, "iLockerz has helped revolutionise our mobile services across campus. The incredible flexibility these systems offer has unlocked a world of collaboration and enhanced learning experiences here at Highlands."

Technical staff now enjoy improved oversight of device allocation and usage, enabling more effective resource management. The robust reporting function allows the college to monitor device usage duration, facilitating corrective actions when necessary. Students also benefit from enhanced accessibility, effortlessly swapping devices after each lesson and engaging in collaborative group work.

The success of the initial implementation has led Highlands College to express further requirements for the next phase. Ongoing collaboration with iLockerz aims to streamline technical tasks and provide deeper analytical insights through the system's comprehensive reporting structure.

With iLockerz as a trusted partner, Highlands College is poised to unlock even greater efficiency and collaboration, shaping a future of enhanced learning experiences for students and staff alike.

To learn more about the solutions provided by iLockerz, check out the collection of case studies here. Alternatively, contact the team today to request a demo or quote.


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