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Tech Vending Lockers: The Rising Trend in Organisational Transformation

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

iLockerz has been at the forefront of innovation since its launch a decade ago and, as the internet and digitisation continue accelerating the rate of transformation across most sectors, the world’s leading intelligent locker manufacturer has seen a significant upsurge in enquiries about its range of smart vending locker systems.

Another driving force behind this trend is the shift towards more flexible working arrangements compelled by the Coronavirus pandemic, causing organisations across the world to reconsider their processes and facilities. This has prompted an overhaul of antiquated equipment and procedures as businesses seek to accommodate the demands of an increasingly hybrid workforce which balance their hours between in-office and remote working. Businesses which have either survived or thrived over the last couple of years have in many cases been urged to streamline internal support services, often to the detriment of employee efficiency.

In order to overcome the challenges presented by these modernisation efforts, organisations are implementing iLockerz vending lockers to ensure items essential to ongoing operations are always readily available to employees. Similar in concept to traditional vending machines which dispense food and beverage items, these intelligent systems are instead pre-loaded with an array of technology-related items that are used on a daily basis and may need replacing when equipment becomes lost or broken. In the instance that items do go awry, staff can continue their tasks with minimal disruption by getting a fully functioning replacement device charger, headset, mouse, keyboard, wireless dongle, or another computer peripheral.

The benefits of these automated solutions extend far beyond the continuity of duties. Organisations can also simplify inventory processes as the advanced in-built software monitors all stock loaded into and dispensed from the system, also generating comprehensive audit trails which can be accessed in real time. Removing the need for IT departments to manually distribute crucial items, which is limited to the working hours of tech personnel, can allow businesses to open up their operating hours to 24/7 whilst reducing the unnecessary expense of additional wages, inactivity and lost assets.

In addition, organisations can improve employee retention by providing a more balanced, less stressful working culture for employees. Providing the smartest solution, intelligent vending lockers with touchscreen access enhance user experiences whilst increasing both efficiency and productivity amongst staff as they can continue with their day without delay.

Organisational transformation is certainly on the agenda for many businesses worldwide and this is sure to be the case across all industries who plan to adapt with the demands of technology-reliant work forces of the future. Those looking to get ahead of the curve and prosper must therefore consider an intelligent solution that can evolve along with their requirements and assets. Fortunately, iLockerz has the capabilities to meet the vending and short-term storage needs of any business and is committed to helping organisations overcome any challenges they may face along their journey towards transformation.

To find out more about iLockerz intelligent tech vending lockers, contact the team today.


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