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Powering up efficiency for the Emergency Services

Within recent years there has been a shift towards the use of mobile critical communications equipment as the Emergency Services steer away from the outdated Airwave service radios. However, the transition towards the Emergency Services Network (ESN) presents new challenges to the frontline as the efficiency offered by the ESN devices relies upon them not becoming broken or misplaced.

Whilst advancements in technology have enabled police officers, paramedics, and firefighters to communicate, record and report their duties more effectively, the ever-growing reliance upon devices can present a burden on administration. Ensuring all equipment is fully functional and accounted for often becomes a difficult task for admin teams having to manage a high volume of radios and other electronic assets.

With vast experience across this sector, the innovative team at iLockerz are fully aware of the problems posed by this concern and understand that the pressures of managing so many devices can be overwhelming. In response to this challenge, iLockerz developed a solution to enable the emergency services to put in place a more efficient and effective management system. Offering a range of intelligent locker systems equipped with RFID tracking technology, iLockerz allows admin teams to track device usage in real time and to be notified when a device is damaged and in need of repair or has been misplaced.

With the arrival of the Emergency Service Network (ESN), the Emergency Services need to be more diligent with the way their digital assets are being stored in order to reap the full benefits of the ESN devices. Providing they are kept fully charged and functioning, they will provide immediate access to the information they require when responding to public incidents without being delayed by lengthy conversations checking data with busy call centres.

The implementation of an iLockerz intelligent locker can also ensure any confidential or sensitive data present on ESN devices does not fall into the wrong hands. Overcoming the possibility of equipment getting lost or unaccounted for, iLockerz can also be configured to provide specific access rights to authorised users whilst the system’s in-built software can automatically generate transaction activity to ensure accountability of all registered items.

Alongside managing assets, iLockerz can provide a number of other functions which can be implemented by the Emergency Services to boost productivity and help daily operations to become more efficient. For instance, staff requiring a central storage location for securely stowing away personal devices when not in use can benefit from the iLockerz Personal Item Storage solution. Additionally, where departments require the ability to change out faulty equipment for working items, iLockerz offers an Equipment Swap-Out system which can be accessed 24/7 by approved staff and engineers.

To find out more about iLockerz intelligent radio lockers click here. Alternatively, get in touch to discover more about the future-proof storage solutions available for managing the new ESN devices and more.


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