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Wilkinson Primary School, a large two form entry primary school in the West Midlands, approached iLockerz to provide a solution for their asset management requirements.

Having recognised a need to manage valuable laptops containing confidential data more effectively, the school was keen to adopt a secure and straightforward system which could be easily accessible by authorised staff.


The staff at Wilkinson Primary School use laptops daily for a range of activities, including teaching and lesson planning, administration tasks and for compliance purposes. These devices are vital pieces of equipment which provide a comprehensive learning experience for the school’s pupils.

Being such an integral part of education prompted the school to consider ways of safeguarding these laptops to reduce the risk of theft and to prevent data containing sensitive pupil information from being accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Historically, the school had stored laptops in cupboards overnight or when not in use but as they were not equipped with any means of power supply, teachers would often collect laptops and discover they were insufficiently charged. This meant they would have to frequently charge up the devices before they could use them, causing delays and disruption to their daily duties. 


Working closely with Wilkinson Primary School, iLockerz understood the challenges faced by staff and presented an intelligent 12-compartment locker system which met their requirements.

The system provides a central storage location where laptops can be securely stored and accessed only by authorised staff members whose information is added to the system’s software. Equipped with in-compartment charging ensures laptops are charged between uses so teachers always have access to a fully powered and operational device whenever they need.

Teachers are also able to use the lockers for BYOD when required, allowing them to store and charge personal devices such as smartphones or tablets so they can focus on their tasks without distraction and with peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe.

Christina Gibbon, Head Teacher at Wilkinson Primary School, said: “The new locker system is proving very successful with all of our staff. We rely on these computers to assist our teachers in providing quality learning to our pupils and with sensitive pupil information that can be accessed via software installed on these laptops, it is imperative that we take all measures to ensure that only authorised members of staff can gain access to this information.”


The system installed by iLockerz has proved a success at Wilkinson Primary School, exceeding expectations by offering extra benefits to teachers needing a place for securely storing and charging personal devices.

Christina Gibbons adds: “iLockerz has allowed us to address our previous issues managing laptops and provides an additional secure charging point for personal items such as mobile phones or tablets should our teachers require it.”

By implementing the iLockerz system, the school can work more efficiently as laptops are always available to staff and ready for use, whilst the devices and the data they hold are kept safe and away from risk when being stored.

iLockerz system at Wilkinson Primary Sch
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