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Back to BAPCO for iLockerz

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Following on from the first ever online BAPCO event back in March, iLockerz is now gearing up for two days of exhibiting face-to-face as the BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition returns to Coventry on 12-13 October 2021.

The online event earlier in the year found iLockerz communicating with public safety professionals from all over the world who came together virtually to explore the most advanced technology available to the sector. Sharing details of the cutting-edge software boasted by iLockerz intelligent locker systems, the team were able to learn more about the operational challenges currently being faced by the emergency services.

Whilst iLockerz already had experience providing solutions to customers within the public safety arena, the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the internal pressures being posed daily was welcomed by the problem-solving innovators in the team. Amongst the most common issues mentioned was a frustration with which iLockerz is well acquainted and seems to affect police officers, paramedics, and firefighters alike – the effective management of equipment.

To be more specific, ensuring handheld devices are fully functional and available for the individuals who need them, when they need them, is the main challenge causing a burden to admin departments which may already be under strain where resources are limited. As technology continues to evolve to meet the growing need for greater communication and efficiency, the greater the challenge will become to those having to manage a larger pool of assets.

iLockerz recognised this concern some time ago, motivating the forward-thinking team to develop a range of solutions which would enable the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services, to experience the full benefits of embracing transformational change. The iLockerz intelligent locker systems can be implemented in a range of environments to securely store personal issue and shared use equipment, while making critical pieces of kit readily accessible to authorised users. Each locker also makes it possible for each item or device to be tracked and all user activity to be monitored in real-time, allowing reports to be generated swiftly to increase productivity, visibility, and accountability across operations.

In addition to being secure, reliable, and highly capable, iLockerz delivers clear cost and time savings as devices are less likely to be misplaced or get broken. Where items do become faulty, the intuitive lockers can provide an equipment swap-out facility to provide users with a fully working replacement whilst notifying engineers and/or other staff that repairs are required.

The iLockerz team will be providing live demonstrations of the smart solutions available to public safety professionals at the BAPCO Annual Event and will be on hand to answer any questions about the company, the iLockerz product ranges and the ongoing support options.

Register now to attend the event for free in-person at Coventry Building Society Arena and head over to Stand C10 where iLockerz will be situated on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th October.

Special BAPCO event offers will be available, along with expert advice on transforming and future-proofing public safety organisations – don’t miss out!


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