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Maximising EdTech potential with an intelligent laptop loans solution

The education sector has seen a greater adoption of digital devices used for learning in recent times, increased further by the need to facilitate remote learning in COVID-19 lockdowns and to help overcome the issue of digital inequality.

Emphasising a demand for more tech-enabled teaching has prompted significant investment from the Government to ensure all educational settings are equipped with the technology required for all current and future students. Schools, colleges, and universities across the UK will therefore see an ongoing roll-out of laptops and tablets which will need to be managed effectively if they are to serve as a reliable resource for learners in years to come.

iLockerz is well versed in the challenges faced by education providers having to manage a large pool of digital assets, with vast experience of providing effective solutions through the delivery of its intelligent locker systems.

The need to provide a self-service laptop loans facility is increasingly becoming a key consideration for educators as traditional sign-in, sign-out services demand a smarter solution. So, how can implementation of an iLockerz system help schools and higher education make the most of the technology available to students?

Automation for Accessibility

An intelligent locker system from iLockerz features advance software which allows access to individual compartments to be automated for a straightforward user experience.

When configured to provide laptop loans, the lockers can be loaded with laptops or tablets and can be easily accessed by any student or staff member saved onto the system. To collect or return a device, the user will be prompted by the system to identify themselves by entering a PIN code, presenting a fingerprint, or swiping a key card. Once the system has validated the information provided, an available compartment will open automatically.

Also accessible is detailed data on all transactions, making it easy for admin to monitor devices and generate reports through the system’s in-built management software.

Powering up Productivity

Digital devices require sufficient power in order to function and without it they are an unusable resource. iLockerz electronic lockers offer a range of features to ensure stored items are fully charged, making it possible for students to always access laptops that are ready to use.

In-compartment power supply allows laptops and tablets to be charged when not in use, whilst advanced Last-In, Last-Out (LILO) technology ensures only the least used, most charged devices are made available.

Charge authentication can also identify whether or not a device is detected within each compartment, prompting those who return a laptop to connect it to the power supply before completing the transaction. This ensures every item returned receives adequate charge and is ready for the next user.

Innovation in Integration

Where educational facilities have a library management system in place, intelligent lockers can be installed seamlessly thanks to the advanced range of integration solutions available from iLockerz.

The system’s web-based locker management software can be integrated with LDAP(S) or other existing library management software, accessible via SIP2, saving time and manual intervention required by admin so staff can work more efficiently.

All data generated by each locker transaction is stored securely on the system’s software without the need to interfere with school servers, giving extra reassurance to those with data security concerns. iLockerz does also offer schools the ability to network, with extra safety measures optional for added peace of mind.

Safe, Secure Storage

With a greater number of laptops and tablets in their possession, every education provider will need a more effective way of both managing and safeguarding its assets.

Providing an effective laptop loans service, intelligent lockers also offer a central location where devices can be securely stored when not in use which prevents assets being lost or stolen, whilst offering greater visibility over who has accessed individual devices.

Built entirely in the UK using only the highest quality components, iLockerz systems deliver a robust and reliable storage solution to allow schools, colleges, and universities to keep devices safe and secure when not in use.

The Smartest Solution…

As educational providers continue to invest in EdTech, managing devices will require a solution which can adapt to an ever-evolving range of requirements whilst allowing students to make the most out of the technology available to them.

Offering an effective laptop loans service through the implementation of an intelligent locker system can maximise the potential of devices used for learning, not only providing a straightforward experience for students but enabling staff to track and monitor assets in real-time.

With 2-year warranty included as standard with each system purchased, schools can be safe in the knowledge that ongoing support is available whenever they need it to make sure their intelligent lockers run smoothly from the moment they are installed.

When seeking a solution for laptop loans, consider an intuitive electronic locker system that can seamlessly deliver unrivalled capabilities and integration options, made by a world-leading manufacturer which understands your needs – contact iLockerz now.

More information about the iLockerz solutions available to the education sector, can be found at the virtual ICT exhibition for schools ICTfE365. iLockerz will be also exhibiting at Talking Higher Ed, a free online event from University Business aimed at those working in higher education – register now and explore our booth.


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