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Smarter education with intelligent locker integration

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Transformational change has been high on the agenda for higher education in recent years as universities seek to improve the way students learn and how campuses operate. The key driver behind these incentives is technological innovation but, despite the benefits such advancements are providing to education, the power of integration continues to be overlooked.

Failing to embrace the full potential of technology can present many challenges for those having to manage the transition to new systems. In order for universities to implement innovative technology with minimal disruption, they must therefore consider ways to remove the complexities of upgrading processes.

Offering a seamless solution to effectively managing digital devices, intelligent locker systems can be installed to effectively provide access to laptops and tablets. Automating access to the tools essential for modern education enhance the student experience and lessen the burden of admin or library staff, whilst real-time information on user activity and system usage is generated automatically.

The capabilities of an intuitive smart locker deliver clear benefits when installed as a standalone system but, when integrated with a university’s active directory or library management software the potential of such systems amplify further.

What other advantages can higher education expect from this particular innovation?

Continuity for Operations

Managing a high volume of mobile devices which are used daily by students can become complicated when utilising traditional methods of checking items in and out. By replacing these outdated processes with a more unified approach, universities can achieve a more straightforward and accountable system.

Integrating an intelligent locker system with existing data management software can allow institutions to provide a self-serve facility for students which requires no additional management by admin and support staff.

Saving time for universities means efforts can be better spent focussing on higher priority activities, like providing the best academic experience for students without distraction.

An Enhanced Experience

Smart lockers provide a secure facility where devices can be collected and returned 24/7, enabling students to access the items they need at their own convenience, without having to wait or queue needlessly.

The advanced software built within an intelligent locker can be integrated with almost any library management system, communicating via SIP2 protocol. By providing accurate data required for inventories and audits automatically, these systems can simplify processes for admin staff.

As well as streamlining operations and boosting efficiency across campus, this solution can also improve productivity levels and overall experience for employees, students, and visitors.

A Valuable Investment

Securely storing, charging, and tracking high value items using a fully integrated locker system reduces the likelihood of loss or theft, thereby minimising the need for costly replacements.

The ability to integrate the locker with an active directory or library management software saves the extra expense of having to train staff on managing a new system. Time and resources can also be freed up for staff as the system allows reports to be created quickly and easily.

Operational costs can be reduced and, as student ID cards can be programmed for students to access the locker systems, there is no need for additional keys to be purchased.

Future-Proof Adaptability

Emerging technologies will continue to drive education towards more advanced modes of learning in the years ahead so, to support the adoption of new innovations on campus, universities must put in place an adaptable infrastructure.

Universities can keep moving forward into an ever-transforming digital era with minimal interruption and expense if a versatile solution is implemented, one which supports modifications in the event of future system updates or procedural changes.

Boasting cutting-edge software, intelligent lockers can be easily reconfigured to enable institutions to provide a modern academic experience whilst forthcoming innovations can be incorporated seamlessly.

Higher Education: A Smarter Future

As technology is set to become ever more prevalent throughout academic life, an increasingly advanced range of requirements will need to be accommodated. Universities will therefore need to consider adapting strategies and adjusting the facilities available on campus.

For universities seeking a cohesive and versatile solution to the admin challenges faced by staff, an intelligent locker can provide all these benefits and more.

Get in touch to find out more about the integration capabilities of iLockerz and discover how an intuitive locker system can enable educational institutions to fully embrace new technologies for a smarter future ahead.


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